Easter Minis 2020

The benefit of living somewhere with 4 very distinct seasons is the variety that it provides for backgrounds and the overall aesthetic of our photos. During the fall, I’m not editing the tree colors—they’re really just that beautiful. And during the Christmas season—I am almost always able to find a location that’s at the very least dusted with snow. As lucky as I know I am to have this variety in my work, it is always SUCH a pleasant surprise when the first birds begin chirping when we’re on the brink of spring. There is this really yucky gap between powdery snow and lush greens. It’s definitely my least favorite time of year, and not just in regard to photography. I’m longing for the warm heat of the sun and to see color again.. and to be able to throw my kids in our massive double stroller and hit the sidewalks downtown. I. Cant. Wait.

Anyhow.. This is my first year of attempting Easter Minis. Being Easter I knew I wanted to have a spring feel but aside from newborn photography, I am by choice a completely natural light photographer. So here we are, full circle back to the yucky-in-between-winter-and-spring look of dead trees and muddy open fields. As a *mostly* outdoor photographer, how could I still get that spring vibe I was shooting for? I found a photography group on Facebook where several other photographers were discussing this same dilemma and offering up solutions. I combined a few different ideas that I came across to create the gorgeous floral hoop prop that I’m using for this year’s Easter Minis.

I had the most beautiful family meet me out a few weeks ago to do our demo shoot and I was so excited with how they turned out! Best of all- you can barely tell that the majority of the trees are still dead and that it was well under 40 outside. These photos truly SCREAM spring…even though we’re not *technically* quite there yet!

My morning sessions are almost completely full but I do still have some afternoon availability for these short & sweet minis. If you’re interested in booking, simply scroll up and select “Book a Mini.” From there you’ll be able to choose your own time slot.

This year, I made the decision to really scale back the duration of my mini sessions. In years previous, I’ve realized that the 20-30 minute “minis” were almost turning into full sessions. There are just SO many benefits to keeping our sessions quick. The number 1 reason being that most people just simply don’t LOVE having their photos taken… (your husband is probably coming to mind right now). Quick minis keep things painless and I find that many times some of our best shots come in the first 15 minutes of a session before babies and husbands get grumpy and are ready to go home anyways. S0– all of that to say, moving forward, unless specifically noted otherwise, all mini sessions will be a quick and painless 15 minute shoot.

Easter 2020 Minis will be held in 15 minute increments with 5 digital images of your choice included in the $85 price. I do my best to always deliver double or even triple what is initially paid for to give you variety to choose from. And of course, you always have the option but no obligation to purchase print products or additional digital images (which is highly discounted for mini session clients).

I do have another round of Spring Minis coming up in May and I cannot wait to have *actual* nice weather with a brand new fun theme. Stay tuned for that official announcement and demo shoot dropping soon!!


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