I used to live by the motto, “If you just believe in yourself, today’s fresh eyeliner can be tomorrow’s smokey eye.” I’m not even embarrassed because, sure, I thought it’d be just great to have a nightly skincare routine. But honestly, what single mom of 4 has time for that? Well, as of a few months ago, me, apparently this single mom of 4 can. Something that I thought I didn’t have time for has now become such a staple in my twice-daily routine that it comes as second nature- like brushing my teeth.

Because I never had a terrible acne problem or a particularly dry or oily face, I never fell into the routine of skincare. It wasn’t until the last year or so that I really began to notice larger pores & fine lines.  Even so, I still didn’t immediately hunt for anything to solve those issues. I kinda just accepted it as a part of nearing age 30. A crunchy friend of mine, lets call her Kristy, kept chirping about a clean alternative to standard skincare products. Being completely honest- I just wasn’t interested. Why do I need to clean up my routine? I didn’t even have a routine. I *thought* that I knew myself well enough that regular consistent skincare just wasn’t in the cards for me.

Finally, I did concede & agreed to give a few products a shot. She gave me a pouch with the Countermatch regimen to use for a few days. I remember telling her my typical skincare routine consisted of me *occasionally* removing my makeup before bed and calling it a night (aka wrangle kids to bed & then watch Netflix until midnight because its the only “me” time I get). I was trying to make light of it, and kindly let her down slowly that I’d give it a shot, but this stuff just wasn’t my thing. The kit ended up staying with me for 5 days because the first 2 days I actually FORGOT to try the products. *face palm emoji*

I guess it goes without saying, I was hooked, and I never looked back. I look forward to my nightly routine. I admittedly rush through it in the mornings but thats not changing any time soon, because kids.

The crunchiest thing about me is that I love Nature Valley granola bars. But even so, it’s awesome to know that while the United States currently only bans 30 toxic chemicals in the beauty industry, Beautycounter takes it upon themselves to ban over 1,500 questionable substances. And guess what! Beautycounter is running a sitewide promotion for 10% off your entire order. If you decide to order with me, I’ll give you an additional 5% off your order!! You can message me on instagram (@sav.tutko/@savannahtutkophoto) or email me at to place your order directly.

Now on to a few of my favorites…

Charcoal Bar

As I move forward with weekly Toxin Free Tuesday posts, I plan to introduce you to each of the products that I use for myself as well as what I use on my kids. My personal favorite right now is my Charcoal Cleansing Bar and it is such a good introduction to clean products that actually do what they’re supposed to do. I honestly can say that I see NOTICEABLE change & decrease in the size of my pores immediately after cleansing with my charcoal bar! I use this every single day, 2-3 times per day & it still looks brand new. Every morning, after a workout, and at the end of the day after removing my makeup I’m cleansing with this bad boy. The bar typically retails for $26 but at 15% off when you order through me directly you can get yours for just $22.10 + tax & shipping. This isn’t just your ordinary bar of soap. The charcoal works almost like a natural magnet, lifting & absorbing the yucky stuff out of your pores, helping to make them appear smaller. Not only does it work beautifully, but it will last upwards of 9 months. That’s literally like buying a $2.50 bar of soap every month. I love this product, and I truly believe you will too!

Countermatch Hydra-Gel Radiating Toner

Immediately after cleansing with my charcoal bar, this is the very first product that hits my face. It’s the perfect “prep” product at the beginning of your routine and further helps to eliminate impurities, minimize pores, and its SO hydrating. Without using any other products, my face always feel so fresh after applying this all over. This toner retails at $45 but I’m also offering 15% off on this product if you order directly with me by shooting me a message or email!!

To Keep Things Simple

If you’d like to keep things simple and place your own order yourself online you can do that here. Send me a message after you place your order and I will personally reimburse you 5% of your initial order. As always, thank you all so much for your support! Feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me directly if you have any questions!

  1. Welcome to the dark side 🤣🤣 so happy to have you as a friend and sharing BC alongside you! If you can do a skincare regimen, there is no excuse for the rest of us hahah

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