Indiana Front Steps Project


Just, wow. This was truly an incredible experience. The upwards of 100 Indiana families that I had the honor of meeting + photographing over the past 2 weeks were true emblems of why I love this town so much. Furthermore, the opportunity to photograph dozens of our public servants and frontline workers during this pandemic was humbling. There is truly no better feeling than giving back to your community in whatever small way you’re capable.

The original post I created to advertise these sessions had over 400 likes + loves, just under 350 shares, & an audience of 60,000+ views!! I knew that this little campaign would be a popular idea here in our town but I had NO idea that it would have the kind of reach that it did. I had more than a dozen families in Indianapolis reach out to me thinking that I was local to their communities! How cool!

Thank you ALL so much! Whether I had the opportunity to photograph your sweet family, or if you were added to the waitlist that I sadly never got to, you are all a part of why our community is going to come out of this tragic time in history stronger than ever!

One day when you or your children are talking about the pandemic of 2020, you’ll be able to pull out these photographs as a visual aide to help describe the seriousness of our nationwide quarantine to your great grandchildren. It’s chilling. A modern day plague. Our current state is almost unbelievable but I feel blessed to be the one who captured it for you all.


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