I wanted to use this week’s #ToxinFreeTuesday to talk about this gem. The charcoal facial mask is one of my absolute favorite products & I only use it just once per week. Every Sunday after wrangling the kids to bed and taking my make up off, this is the first thing to hit my face. It has such a cool texture; creamy yet course, and feels immediately refreshing as it touches your skin.

I’m going to be completely transparent- I don’t 100% understand the science behind it so I can’t run off a bunch of scientific ingredients and describe exactly how they collaborate to create these results. But what I do know is that the moment I rinse this mask from my face I can see and feel immediate results. My pores especially have a significantly smaller appearance than they did several months ago. I do feel that is the direct result of a combination of Beautycounter products that I consistently use. But I also believe that this weekly mask plays a YUGE role in those results.

10 minutes. Just TEN minutes is all it takes for the mask to do it’s thing. The activated charcoal works like a natural magnet to purify and pull toxins from your skin. As your pores are cleared, the smaller they will appear. The mask is advertised as perfect for those with oily/congested skin. I can honestly attest to the fact that I have neither and still LOVE and look forward to my weekly 10 minutes.

Guess what? New customers are receiving 20% off this month! This is a huge savings! The Charcoal Facial Mask is typically $49 but at 20% offyou’ll pay less than $40! You can get yours now by heading here and checking out the skincare tab & hitting “masks.”

Interested in a new stream of income for your family? Beautycounter is also offering an incredible deal right now to help get you started with your new business. Right now, ENROLLMENT IS FREE!! You just have to purchase an enrollment kit (as low as $100 & includes over 50 samples to send out to potential clients, FREE Facial Peel, FREE Color Intense Lipstick, and an automatic 25% discount on ALL of your own products). Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you’d like more info on how to join this revolution in clean beauty!

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