Newborn In-Home Lifestyle Sessions: $100 Discount for “Quarantine Babies”

Newborn Portraits

My heart just hurts for all the mamas who are giving birth and bringing home new babies right now. It especially aches for those mamas who had scheduled or planned to schedule newborn portraits. Most of the time, these sessions can only be done in the first 10-14 days of life. This is when new babies are their sleepiest. Easily folded and squished into sweet sleepy poses without batting an eye. Because of this short window of time, many families are missing out on the opportunity to eternalize their sweet baby’s absolute tiniest. I’d love to offer a solution.

Lifestyle Sessions

When I first began doing photography, lifestyle newborn sessions were the only newborn sessions I offered. There’s so much less pressure to get “the shot” because you’re truly just documenting a family interacting naturally in their own environment. The whole family, including baby, always seem so comfortable & laid back, and it’s because this is just their space. The place they call home. The place they eat, sleep, and turn the simplest moments into memories every single day. I love getting to be a part of that for a short while. Some of my absolute favorite shots are those that feel intimate and warm. Like I’m peaking in on a private family moment.

Gimme the Deets

Another advantage to lifestyle sessions is the opportunity to just capture your home’s style. The furniture, the decor, the candles or knick-knacks out on display- most likely, very little will stay ‘as is’ forever. It’s truly something special to capture those seemingly small details that you probably wouldn’t think to snap photos of. This is particularly true of your newborn’s room. His nursery will change to a toddler’s room, then a child’s room, and later a teen room. You may even move, missing out on the opportunity to watch that exact space transform over the years. Looking back on what your baby’s nursery once looked like may one day feel almost as special as the photos of her sweet smiling face. Capturing those nursery photos are always at the top of my shot list during newborn sessions.

The Discount

This session type may not have been your preference. It may not have even occurred to you when you were thinking about your baby’s arrival and planning their newborn portraits. But I hope that you can see how lovely these photos can be, and how special this kind of session will feel one day. You will never regret capturing these moments.

Given the odd circumstances of our world, I am currently running a newborn special aimed specifically at families delivering during or around our nationwide quarantine. My typical Newborn Lifestyle Session is $250 and includes 25 digital images. However, for the brave families bringing home new little additions during these trying times, I’m offering a $100 discount on In- Home Lifestyle Sessions. This means that your 60 minute In-Home Session with 25 digital images is just $150.

I don’t have a direct booking link at the moment because we simply don’t know when it will be safe to begin scheduling again. I will just be asking that these discounted sessions are booked by May 1st & officially scheduled within 90 days of our nationwide shutdown being lifted. I’d also love the opportunity to actually chat with you before we schedule to discuss your circumstance & hear your story. Please feel free to reach out to me via any social media outlet- @SavannahTutkoPhoto on Instagram & Facebook. You can also email directly at

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