Jaxon’s 5th Birthday Photoshoot

I was 23 years old & had been a college graduate for just one full week when I found out that I was pregnant with my first baby. Just 2 weeks after that, I learned that I completely surpassed my 1st trimester all-together and had already hit that 12 week mark. WHAT?! That wasn’t possible. People don’t just *not* know they’re pregnant for almost 3 months. It sounded like a weird reality TV show. But it was completely possible. And it is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Jaxon, my first baby, the boy who made me a mama.

I love you with my whole heart & then some. From your endless stories about Minecraft characters that I don’t know anything about, to the sweet way that you ask me numerous times per day, “Mama, can I have a hug?”, you’re absolutely everything that I could ever want in a little boy.

How?! How do I have a 5-year-old?!

I’m going to say the most cliche thing that literally every mama says year after year. But, seriously…where did the time go? How did my 7 pound, bright eyed baby grow into a handsome 5-year-old little boy {in what feels like} overnight?

Milestone Minis

Moms & Dads, don’t let this time slip away. Capture it. Capture it all. And I’m here to help you! Milestone Minis are offered all year long. These sessions are to capture birthdays or any other milestone that you want to celebrate and commemorate. In my experience, these short sessions are just enough time to get the shots we want while eternalizing your child’s personality during this season– without wearing anyone out. Just a 30 minute session and you have a gallery full of memories curated in photos. Email me to discuss your vision & current pricing hello@savannahtutko.com

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