The Coziest Little Corner

My FAVORITE Blog-day of the week! Happy #FixerUpperFriday! Today I’m SO excited to be sharing the absolute coziest little corner of our new home! There are so many massive changes happening/have happened already in the house so far: brand new kitchen, complete bathroom remodel, all new flooring & paint. So it’s so funny to me that this cute little space is actually one of my favorite upgrades. I can already picture myself sitting here in the mornings before the kids wake up for a cup of coffee & mindless Instagram scrolling.

Almost immediately after closing, I had a very specific vision for this space.

For several months, my cozy little corner was definitely not front of mind. The entire living room was used as more of a supply/storage room while we completed the upstairs bathroom, bedrooms, and hallway first.

We did need to have all the woodwork sanded/painted early on though so that the carpeting throughout the upstairs could flow right down the steps too. This is my sister, Dakota. She was a huge help in the days leading up to our carpet delivery. She went to work with the sander on all the trim work coming down the stairs. We were scrambling a bit to make sure that it was painted with plenty of time to dry & cure before the carpet was laid.

We used a pure white semi-gloss by Sherwin Williams for all of the trim work throughout the house, including this space.

Finally, after the walls & trim work were painted, the carpet was laid, & crown moulding was installed, you could really see where we were taking this simple, tiny area!

Lastly, we needed to install the wrought iron balusters. For such a seemingly simple addition, I cannot tell you the countless hours I spent browsing different styles & ideas before landing on this one. At one point I actually cancelled my order so that I could switch out all the balusters I purchased for a completely different style.

All in all, I am so beyond happy with how this space turned out!! The definition of comfy & cozy. Enjoy the below before/after!

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