Mother’s Day Greenhouse Sessions

The first of my annual Greenhouse sessions were a HUGE success to say the least. Unless you also want to chat about the fact that it was literally SNOWING outside of this absolutely gorgeous greenhouse while summer is just around the corner. Jesus is coming guys. Jesus is coming. Plagues, murder hornets, snow during summer. Kidding, kinda. Let’s move on.

These sessions were a hit- and I’m already giddy to hold this mini series again next year. I just pray it will be both pandemic & snow-free!

Several of the families I had booked for these minis reached out to me the day before and the morning of, just to confirm that we’d even still be able to shoot. Thankfully, after some quick google investigating, I learned that a properly insulated greenhouse is able to stay around 30 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. Let me tell you- I stood in there for over 2 hours and not once did I get the slightest chill.

All of this weekend’s clients were so sweet and interactive with their babies. It made my job SO much easier because candid organic photos always end up being my personal session favorites.

I was so excited to be talking with several of these families about future sessions already! Growing along side of my families is one of my favorite parts about being a photographer. The families that I’ve been with through maternity shoots to family sessions & beyond is just the best feeling.

How lucky am I to have some of the most gorgeous families choose ME to eternalize these memories?!

Until next year- Twolick Valley Nursery, we can’t wait to come back!

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