Happy 4th Birthday to my Reesie Cup + New Mini Session Announcement!

This girl!! Another year has come and gone and it just never seems to get any easier to believe. Reese was born fist-first like a tiny wonder woman and almost nothing has changed since then. There is a fire inside of her that can drive me absolutely INSANE most days but it is that same fire that makes Reese, Reese.

She is a complete free spirit; so full of spunk, energy, and can be a complete sass monster at times. But she is also chock full of love. My girl has such a huge heart, and is always looking out for her big brother. Whether it’s making sure that she grabs a second snack for him while she gets one for herself from the kitchen, or having mini-meltdowns over me “leaving him behind” while we’re out on walks if he stops and get’s distracted by digging a stick into a mud pile– this girl will forever have her brother’s back. She even plays little ‘mother hen’ to her baby sisters; helping to guide them down the stairs, or gently referring to them as “sweetheart” while she helps them into an outfit that matches her own.

I knew from the very early planning stages of this mini session type that I wanted to do it some what in honor of Reese’s birthday. The big 0-4. Reese’s birthday photoshoot was the perfect opportunity to order one of these couture gowns from an incredibly talented designer that I found out of Arizona. When our package arrived..I was completely BLOWN away. This short demo shoot was a complete dream and I am already so beyond excited to see the 6 new gowns that I have reserved for August.

Let me be the first to tell you- This gown was absolutely exquisite.

Finally. FINALLY. I can finally announce the mini session type that has been in the works for the last several months!

Princess Couture Mini Sessions

This mini session series will take place the week of August 3rd, and I’ve made 7 sessions available each day, Monday-Friday. These spots are already filling quickly! My VIP group has been eating them up over the last few months.

Sessions will be 30 minutes long and your session fee includes 3 digital images and 1 deluxe matte print of your choice! This pricing is for just 1 little girl. Each additional sister is $25. We will be shooting in a forest-like setting at Blue Spruce Park with various props that I currently have in the works: a floral ladder, victorian couch, floral crowns, and tiaras.

You can book your session now by simply clicking the image below!

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