Danielle Paouncic | Embark & Embrace

Working with Danielle for this shoot was such a major flashback to my collegiate years.
She was my “Big Big” in our sorority, Alpha Sigma Alpha. This session however, wasn’t the first time that we were able to connect in a major way since our time together in college.

Aside from our ladybug alum status, Danielle and I share a huge commonality. We were both widowed in our mid-20’s, one of the most life-altering experiences imaginable. She was kind enough to reach out when I first lost my husband (about a year after she lost her own), to lend a listening ear and a helpful “I’ve been there.” Something that not many other people were able to say to me amongst all of the “I’m so sorry for your loss”.

Danielle has come so far in her own healing process and is now happily remarried. But in those earliest days, while she was first working through her own stages of grief, she felt a strong draw to holistic healing. As a former social worker, she has always had a huge heart and passion for helping others. That’s why she developed her new business, Embark & Embrace, LLC. Her tag line describes her mission perfectly.

Embarking on your journey while embracing all that you are.

“After losing my husband and becoming a part of the widow community, I wanted to dive deeper and help others heal in a holistic way. I loved being a social worker but wanted a deeper connection.”

Danielle Paouncic, Embark & Embrace LLC

Danielle is now accepting bookings for Transformational Life Coaching & Energy Healing sessions. She specializes in Grief Healing and works with Crystal Healing as well. Her website will soon be up and running but you can reach out to her via social media if you’re interested in booking a session.

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