5 Tips for Capturing Genuine Smiles in Your Photos Photography is all about capturing the moment, and there is nothing more special than a genuine smile. As photographers, it’s our job to capture those moments, but getting people to smile naturally can sometimes be a challenge. We’ve all seen those forced and awkward smiles that […]

All of those times you wished you had the answers to why you just couldn’t seem to consistently get it right in camera are about to be answered in ONE blog (this blog). You have a natural eye for photography, but you didn’t walk into photography with a MBA (okay, maybeeee you did, but let’s assume you didn’t.) You […]

How to Master White Balance: Understanding and the Different Modes As a photographer, have you ever taken a beautiful shot only to realize later that it hadn’t captured the right colors and temperature you were hoping for? Well, you’re not alone. This often happens when you don’t pay attention to one of the most essential […]

Building Your Portfolio and Working For “Free”: The Secrets to Success As a photographer, building your portfolio is crucial to attracting new clients and growing your business. It’s no secret that a strong online presence with a diverse array of images is key to establishing credibility and showing potential clients the range of your skillset. […]

The Magic of Golden Hour: Benefits of shooting during this time As photographers, we are always searching for the perfect lighting to capture our subjects. We aim to create a stunning image that tells a story, and yet, very often, light works against us. Harsh light can cast unflattering shadows, while low light can blur […]

It was spring of 2017 when I first picked up a camera. I was a mama of two young children, and I wanted to capture their sweet fleeting moments as they grew up. Little did I know that this hobby would soon turn into a passion and a well-established business. Something that was NO WHERE […]

Photographing Kids: Tips for Capturing Genuine Expressions and Emotions Photographing kids can be a challenging but rewarding experience. There’s something magical about capturing those genuine expressions and emotions that kids often display. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just a parent looking to snap some great shots of your little ones, there are some tips […]

The Art of Storytelling Through Family Photography One of the most rewarding aspects of photography is capturing the essence of a family’s unique story and conveying it through images that will be cherished for generations. Family photography provides a means of preserving memories and passing them down to future generations, ultimately becoming a family legacy. […]

Mastering Composition & Angles: A Guide to Taking Stunning Photographs Have you ever captured a photograph and thought that something just wasn’t quite right? Maybe the lighting was off or the subject seemed out of focus. More often than not, it’s actually the composition or angle of the photo that is throwing it off. Composition […]

My Top Three Camera Recommendations for Different Skill Sets Photography is an art that everyone can enjoy and embrace. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional, having the right camera will make all the difference. The camera market today is filled with numerous options, making it difficult to choose the best […]