My FAVORITE Blog-day of the week! Happy #FixerUpperFriday! Today I’m SO excited to be sharing the absolute coziest little corner of our new home! There are so many massive changes happening/have happened already in the house so far: brand new kitchen, complete bathroom remodel, all new flooring & paint. So it’s so funny to me […]

Happy Fixer Upper Friday!! Side note, I actually thought today was Sunday when I woke up this morning; how’s your quarantine going? After last week’s post, I was thinking it’d probably be several weeks before I blogged another area of the house. I figured I’d be unloading my two large storage units at that point […]

When I bought my first home with my husband 4 years ago I knew I wanted ONE thing- turnkey. After a slew of beat up houses all through college complete with lumpy furniture in need of replacing and poor color combinations, I was SO READY to live somewhere homey, beautiful, warm and MINE. Most importantly, […]