When I bought my first home with my husband 4 years ago I knew I wanted ONE thing- turnkey. After a slew of beat up houses all through college complete with lumpy furniture in need of replacing and poor color combinations, I was SO READY to live somewhere homey, beautiful, warm and MINE. Most importantly, […]

I wanted to use this week’s #ToxinFreeTuesday to talk about this gem. The charcoal facial mask is one of my absolute favorite products & I only use it just once per week. Every Sunday after wrangling the kids to bed and taking my make up off, this is the first thing to hit my face. […]

It’s been three weeks since our quarantine began and I think most of us are ready to pull our hair out. I know I am. Momming without a “break” by hitting up a childcare inclusive gym, visiting a coffee shop, or being able to stop at the park for an hour IS SO HARD. Breathe, […]

I used to live by the motto, “If you just believe in yourself, today’s fresh eyeliner can be tomorrow’s smokey eye.” I’m not even embarrassed because, sure, I thought it’d be just great to have a nightly skincare routine. But honestly, what single mom of 4 has time for that? Well, as of a few […]

Let me preface this by saying I was amongst the millions of Americans who initially mocked and didn’t fully understand the complexity of COVID-19. “It’s just a cold?!” “The survivability rate is 98-99%?!” “This is all just media hype!” But this is not just about me & others like me who are young, healthy, and […]

This post is going to be pretty similar to the “Meet Savannah” section on my main page but I thought it was the best place to start as I begin this new journey of organizing my thoughts and putting them into words for the internet to read. I am truly truly honored that you’re taking […]