The Rainbow Baby After The Storm. As the mama of a fiery little redhead, I now just kinda have this thing for redheads. I get so excited that it’s almost embarrassing. I’m sure it will be one of those things that my daughter, Reese, will be shushing me over once she’s old enough to actually […]

newborn rainbow baby

My photography journey with the Andrascik family began with the most lovely snowy (but FRIGID) maternity session a couple of months ago, and ended with the sweetest newborn baby photoshoot just a few weeks ago. From the moment we stepped out of our vehicles on this 14 degree day, I felt an instant connection to […]

As a newborn photographer, being chosen year after year to document my clients’ greatest milestones is the greatest honor. Three years ago I was invited into this beautiful Sewickley home for a newborn lifestyle photo shoot featuring baby Connor. It made my heart so happy to be welcomed once again to photograph Connor’s baby sister, […]

Newborn Portraits My heart just hurts for all the mamas who are giving birth and bringing home new babies right now. It especially aches for those mamas who had scheduled or planned to schedule newborn portraits. Most of the time, these sessions can only be done in the first 10-14 days of life. This is […]

Newborn Photographer. A title that I NEVER dreamt I would hold. Full transparency- I didn’t want it either. From my very early days of picking up my first DSLR & entering the world of photography, I almost immediately could see that newborn photography was truly an art form all of it’s own- completely separate from […]

This post is going to be pretty similar to the “Meet Savannah” section on my main page but I thought it was the best place to start as I begin this new journey of organizing my thoughts and putting them into words for the internet to read. I am truly truly honored that you’re taking […]