5 Items to Remember the Morning of Your Newborn Portrait Session

Planning for a newborn portrait session is such an exciting time for new parents. Capturing a new baby’s first few weeks of life, even the smallest details, is a memory that will be treasured for a lifetime. As a professional photographer, I have had the opportunity to photograph numerous newborns, and I understand the importance of having everything prepared in advance to ensure a smooth flowing newborn portrait session.

Extra Breastmilk/Formula
Babies are unpredictable, and during the session, they may get hungry and need to be fed. It’s important to bring extra breastmilk or formula, and a burp rag just in case of spills and any accidents.

Rubber Pacifier
Bringing a rubber pacifier is important as it can prevent marks on the baby’s face. Plastic pacifiers can leave marks on the baby’s delicate skin that can take time to heal, so to save your baby’s skin from any unnecessary marks, bring a rubber pacifier.

We will changing baby in and out of diapers throughout the session. Please remember to pack enough to accommodate these changes. I recommend having 4-6 on hand.

Snacks and Toys for Siblings
If you have a toddler-aged big brother or sister who will be accompanying you to the photo session, make sure to pack a few favorite snacks, quiet toys, and other forms of entertainment to keep them occupied and content during the session.

Your Patience
Lastly, and most importantly, bring your patience. Because of how much pride I take in my work, I can tend to be a bit of a perfectionist in my newborn posing. Whether fingers are curled up in a way I don’t think will photograph nicely, or if baby’s chin isn’t pointed up just right, I tend to spend a lot of time fixing those small imperfections. I believe this is all the difference between a “cute picture of a baby” and “a beautiful portrait of a baby.” Sometimes it takes a little while to get the baby comfortable, positioned in the right way, and settled into a deep sleep. Remember, a professional newborn photo session is about capturing the innocence of your baby in the most beautiful light possible, so take a deep breath, and let me do my thing.

newborn baby on all white

Preparing for your newborn portrait session is essential to capturing the perfect photos of your little one. Remember to bring extra breastmilk/formula, rubber pacifier, diapers, snacks for siblings, and most importantly, your patience. Being prepared ensures your session will run smoothly, comfortably, and efficiently. I look forward to capturing these treasured moments for you.

**As a side note- while these are all crucial items you do not want to forget the morning of your newborn portrait session, I do my very best to relieve as much stress as possible as we near your session date. One of my favorite ways is by including complimentary hair and makeup, along with access to my exclusive client closet for new mamas <3

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