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Lifestyle Maternity Session | Aspinwall Photography

Aspinwall Photography | Matt & Bianca’s Lifestyle Maternity Shoot

Bianca reached out to me a few months ago after being recommended to me in one of her Pittsburgh mommy groups on facebook. While this is one of responses I hear frequently when I ask my potential clients how they learned of my business, it is always such a huge honor. Referrals. It sounds like such a simple thing. But when you put your whole heart and soul in your passion, and then learn that you’re being recommended to others- that “feel good” feeling just never gets old. I speak with almost every single one of my inquiries over the phone and I’m sure most of them can hear that smile in my voice. Bianca & Matt were looking for something simple. They didn’t feel that a fine art styled session complete with a suit and maternity gown would really tell the story of who they are as a couple, soon to be family of 3! We opted for simple lifestyle maternity Aspinwall photography session.

The Shoot

Matt still wasn’t home from work when I arrived so we began with a few shots of Bianca alone. They had the most perfect, massive window at the front of our home that we were able to utilize all throughout the shoot!

Aspinwall maternity photography session
maternity session in front of window
I absolutely loved the laid back vibe of the outfit Bianca chose! Simple, unzipped jeans and a loose fitting button up shirt.

We went upstairs next to their 3rd floor master. Their home was so beautiful. Truly the perfect blend of vintage traditional charm and modern flair.

maternity aspinwall photography session
lifestyle maternity session aspinwall photography
lifestyle photography session aspinwall photography
lifestyle photoshoot
lifestyle maternity photos

Once Matt got home (with their puppy!!) we were able to get some really adorable shots of them all together. We started in the living room and finished up with ice cream (Bianca’s main pregnancy craving!) in the kitchen.

lifestyle maternity poses
Aspinwall photography session maternity lifestyle
lifestyle maternity photo poses
lifestyle maternity photo with dog
lifestyle photoshoot aspinwall photography
maternity photos in kitchen
lifestyle maternity photos in kitchen
lifestyle maternity photos on kitchen counter
lifestyle maternity photos with ice cream
lifestyle maternity photoshoot with ice cream
lifestyle maternity photos with ice cream in kitchen

We then went back upstairs to get a few shots of Matt & Bianca together in their master as well as their baby girl’s nursery. These were some of my favorites from the shoot! They felt really special and held a lot of emotion for these soon-to-be parents.

lifestyle maternity photoshoot poses
lifestyle session
lifestyle photoshoot aspinwall photography
aspinwall lifestyle photography session

We finished up this Aspinwall photography session back on the first floor in front of their big beautiful front room window. And even their puppy made one (completely darling) final appearance. It was so wonderful to meet and work with Matt & Bianca. I cannot wait to meet their little girl very soon!

lifestyle aspinwall photography session
lifestyle photo session silouette in front of window
aspinwall photography lifestyle maternity session with dog

Interested in seeing more of my maternity work? You can head here.

I adore meeting your little ones and getting to know your family! My summer schedule is filling beautifully. In order to provide each and every client with the best possible experience, I only accept a limited amount of monthly photography sessions. Be sure to get on my calendar early. You can get the process started or even simply just ask any questions you may have by clicking here. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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