The Magic of Golden Hour: Benefits of shooting during this time

The Magic of Golden Hour: Benefits of shooting during this time

As photographers, we are always searching for the perfect lighting to capture our subjects. We aim to create a stunning image that tells a story, and yet, very often, light works against us. Harsh light can cast unflattering shadows, while low light can blur the details and take away from the beauty of the image. This is where the ‘Golden Hour’ comes into play. The Golden Hour is a sweet spot when the natural light is soft, warm and golden, and it happens twice a day- in the morning and evening, a few hours after sunrise and before sunset. Let’s delve deeper into why Golden Hour is so special and the benefits of shooting during this magical time.

Perfect Light:

The first and most obvious benefit of shooting during Golden Hour is the perfect lighting. The soft, warm, and golden light bathes everything in a beautiful glow, creating a magical atmosphere that is difficult to replicate. Due to the angle of the sun, the light is diffused, which creates a softer, more natural look to the subject, without casting harsh shadows. If you’re shooting portraits, wedding photography, or landscapes, the Golden Hour is the perfect time to capture the mood and beauty of the scene.

Colors come alive:

The second benefit of the Golden Hour is the ability to photograph colors as they come alive. Have you ever noticed in your photographs that during the midday sun, the colors seem flat and dull? The lighting during Golden Hour will bring out a vast range of hues, saturating them with a vibrant, warm glow. The colors of the sky, grass, flowers, or even the clothing of the subject come alive during this time, which makes for a beautiful, artistic image.

Creative possibilities:

The Golden Hour offers creative possibilities that extend beyond the traditional portrait or landscape photography. The magical light that illuminates the scene can be used for various genres of photography, such as street photography, architecture, or even food photography. The ability to manipulate this light, either by positioning the subject or playing with the shadows, can create an image that is both dynamic and interesting.

Fewer Distractions:

The Golden Hour has one remarkable benefit that no other time offers: there are fewer distractions. Due to the timing, the Golden Hour happens either in the early morning or late evening, when most people are either gearing up for their day or winding down. The traffic is quieter, the streets are empty, and the noise levels have dropped. This provides an uninterrupted opportunity to shoot, in peace, without the pressure of unwanted noise or movement, which can be invaluable to a photographer.


Lastly, the Golden Hour acts as a timekeeper, and photographers must rely on it to capture the moments they desire. It can be a reminder of time passing, the sun setting, or the day starting. This can provide a visual storytelling element to the image, by showing the passage of time, the beginning or end of an event, or even a change in the atmosphere.

The Golden Hour is a magical time in photography, where the natural light enhances and brings out the beauty in the subject. As photographers, we must learn to utilize and capitalize on this time, to tell our stories and capture special moments. The ability to manipulate the light and create a dynamic image is what sets us apart from other art forms. It may require waking up a little early or waiting a little longer, but the results are always worth it. So let’s embrace the Golden Hour and create something extraordinary.

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