Let me just reiterate- this little gem is a gamechanger. I don’t use that word lightly. This was honestly the product that was the real hook, line, and sinker for me. The Experience On my first run with this little glass jar of magic, I had been using a loaner Countermatch kit for a few […]

I wanted to use this week’s #ToxinFreeTuesday to talk about this gem. The charcoal facial mask is one of my absolute favorite products & I only use it just once per week. Every Sunday after wrangling the kids to bed and taking my make up off, this is the first thing to hit my face. […]

I used to live by the motto, “If you just believe in yourself, today’s fresh eyeliner can be tomorrow’s smokey eye.” I’m not even embarrassed because, sure, I thought it’d be just great to have a nightly skincare routine. But honestly, what single mom of 4 has time for that? Well, as of a few […]