As a newborn photographer, being chosen year after year to document my clients’ greatest milestones is the greatest honor. Three years ago I was invited into this beautiful Sewickley home for a newborn lifestyle photo shoot featuring baby Connor. It made my heart so happy to be welcomed once again to photograph Connor’s baby sister, […]

This girl!! Another year has come and gone and it just never seems to get any easier to believe. Reese was born fist-first like a tiny wonder woman and almost nothing has changed since then. There is a fire inside of her that can drive me absolutely INSANE most days but it is that same […]

Face oil… it’s not typically something you would think of as “good”. To most people, even those who don’t necessarily have particularly oily skin, it just sounds icky. When a friend of mine first encouraged me to try it I was completely unsure- she actually ended up gifting me one of hers from her personal […]

My FAVORITE Blog-day of the week! Happy #FixerUpperFriday! Today I’m SO excited to be sharing the absolute coziest little corner of our new home! There are so many massive changes happening/have happened already in the house so far: brand new kitchen, complete bathroom remodel, all new flooring & paint. So it’s so funny to me […]

Guys, listen. I’m not perfect. No where near perfect. My kids live for gushers, we regularly order pizza for dinner, and sometimes I allow YouTube to act as my babysitter. At this moment, I am wearing the trendiest of mom-chic couture: an oversized target sweatshirt, leggings that should have been replaced months ago, and my […]

So, while I patiently await the arrival of my new Counter+ All Bright C Serum, I thought I’d tell you a little about this little jar of sunshine. Two forms of Vitamin C come together to instantly brighten skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots. This blend, along with antioxidant rich extracts, even works […]

I never realized how much I would come to value my $49 Ikea high chairs. Not nearly as much as I value the fact that Sheetz now sells wine, but those chairs are highly valued, nonetheless. They’re like golden plastic to me during this current season. Especially given the weird, don’t-leave-your-house circumstances we’re living under […]

I was 23 years old & had been a college graduate for just one full week when I found out that I was pregnant with my first baby. Just 2 weeks after that, I learned that I completely surpassed my 1st trimester all-together and had already hit that 12 week mark. WHAT?! That wasn’t possible. […]

Happy Fixer Upper Friday!! Side note, I actually thought today was Sunday when I woke up this morning; how’s your quarantine going? After last week’s post, I was thinking it’d probably be several weeks before I blogged another area of the house. I figured I’d be unloading my two large storage units at that point […]

Let me just reiterate- this little gem is a gamechanger. I don’t use that word lightly. This was honestly the product that was the real hook, line, and sinker for me. The Experience On my first run with this little glass jar of magic, I had been using a loaner Countermatch kit for a few […]