This girl!! Another year has come and gone and it just never seems to get any easier to believe. Reese was born fist-first like a tiny wonder woman and almost nothing has changed since then. There is a fire inside of her that can drive me absolutely INSANE most days but it is that same […]

The first of my annual Greenhouse sessions were a HUGE success to say the least. Unless you also want to chat about the fact that it was literally SNOWING outside of this absolutely gorgeous greenhouse while summer is just around the corner. Jesus is coming guys. Jesus is coming. Plagues, murder hornets, snow during summer. […]

wow Just, wow. This was truly an incredible experience. The upwards of 100 Indiana families that I had the honor of meeting + photographing over the past 2 weeks were true emblems of why I love this town so much. Furthermore, the opportunity to photograph dozens of our public servants and frontline workers during this […]

I’m so very excited about these fun sessions and I cant wait to be photographing so many beautiful families on this beautiful truck bed soon!

This year, I am excited to be offering two different options for your Mama & Me shoots and you can easily choose your session time and type preference by selecting the “Book a Mini” tab at the top of this page! Even with such a close shoot date, I am still honoring my original guarantee of delivery by Mother’s Day.

The benefit of living somewhere with 4 very distinct seasons is the variety that it provides for backgrounds and the overall aesthetic of our photos. During the fall, I’m not editing the tree colors—they’re really just that beautiful. And during the Christmas season—I am almost always able to find a location that’s at the very […]